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Make an offer with us

We would love to promote your offer on Haveez.com. This will help you to easily reach a wide database of customers from different backgrounds.
With Haveez.com, you won’t need to pay thousands of Dollars on different media outlets, especially that you’re not sure if it will pay off. The website allows you to check offer details as well as the number of people who viewed, shared, or bought from you. You would also know how the customers rated your offer. All of this information is very important to you as a seller; it can help you assess your offerings then work on your strengths and weaknesses.
Haveez.com is divided into various sections that you choose from to promote your offer. The website can also help you prepare everything to share your offer like adding pictures and writing content. In addition to that, you can spotlight your offer on our website’s homepage, social media platforms, and promotional messages which are sent regularly.
Haveez.com doesn’t take any fees in exchange for promoting your offer. The website only takes a certain percentage of the value of the coupons that people buy from your offer. This means, you only pay when customers actually buy from you.
What are you waiting for? All you have to do is contact us via email. Our marketing team will work with you to promote the best deal you have and achieve great results.